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The Boy Who Fell To Earth


Based on the book The Boy Who Fell To Earth by Kathy Lette


* Written by Kathy Lette & Keith Thompson (MRS HARRIS GOES TO PARIS)


When Merlin’s father left them shortly after his autism diagnosis, Lucy devoted her entire world to raising her eccentrically adorable, yet challenging child. By the time he is ten, she (and her mother and sister) are worried the Pope might ring her up for tips on celibacy. So Lucy dips her toe back into the sea of dating. Thanks to Merlin’s quirkiness, things don’t really go to plan until Archie, the most imperfect but perfect man for her, lands on her doorstep. Just as her ex, Jeremy does, begging for forgiveness. Leaving her to decide, does she need a real father for Merlin or a real partner for herself?

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