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* Director, Sabrina Doyle (LORELAI).


* Written by Helen Kingston (THE FLOOD, HALF BAD) and David McCrea (CROSSMALGEN).


* Script Editor, Tish Delaney (BEFORE MY ACTUAL HEART BREAKS).


The Military Reaction Force was a counter terrorism unit operating in Belfast during the height of the Troubles. Its existence was not acknowledged or confirmed until 1994. Within its ranks, a small covert intelligence and surveillance task force ran a front company – the Four Square Laundry. Its mission? To infiltrate nationalist homes under the guise of a mobile laundry service and collect evidence aiding the detection of IRA activity. After being betrayed by two IRA informants, the Four Square Laundry van was gunned down, killing all but one operative . . . HER whereabouts are still unknown to this day.

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