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* A co-production with The Other Producer (STILL ALICE).


* Written and Directed by Amelia Scott (BIRTHDAY SUIT).


Over the last few years, we’ve given a name to the images of female rage we see on the internet. We call them Karen. The first “Karen videos” that appeared were genuinely breathtaking examples of racism, xenophobia, implicit bias made explicit. Women kicking black and brown families out of parks and out of coffee shops. However, Karen didn’t stop there. The concept of Karen grew and grew until the examples of Karens on the internet moved beyond bigotry into something more nebulous, more catchall. Karen yelling about her platinum Amex card. Karen screaming about getting cut off on the road. And in this way, the phenomenon revealed itself: Karen became a shorthand for any woman unraveling in public.


We’ve seen so, so many examples of men loosing their temper. We’ve seen Supreme Court nominees throwing tantrums at their confirmation hearings. We’ve seen grown men become hysterical at having to cover their nose and mouth. But why hasn’t the public put such a strong frame around them?


Why is there no male counterpart for a Karen? It’s from here that we approach the film concept for DONNA.

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