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The Girls Who
Went Away


* A co-production with James Brown (STILL ALICE)


* Written and Directed by Karen Moncrieff (13 REASONS WHY, THE TRIALS OF CATE MCALL, THE DEAD GIRL)


Inspired by Ann Fessler’s groundbreaking book, The Girls Who Went Away is an 8-episode limited series that brings to life the secret history of the thousands of pregnant teens who disappeared from their homes, schools, social clubs and communities and were banished to so-called “ homes for unwed mothers”. Cast out and alone, these girls were pushed to take fake names, wait out their pregnancies in silence, surrender their babies as soon as they ’d birthed them, then go on with their lives as if none of it had ever happened.


They were told if they did their time, relinquished their infants, and kept it a secret, their sins would be forgiven, and they would be accepted back into their families and communities. They were assured that their babies would live a better life, and that they would go on to have more children once they were married. They were promised that they would soon forget, and move on.

But they never did.

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